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Innovation India is a quality improving national level educational consultancy organization which works in close collaboration with Effective Quality Upgradation Assistance for Technical Education (EQUATE), New Delhi as the parent organization. The senior academicians earlier involved in designing, implementing and evaluating World Bank assisted technical education programs on behalf of MHRD for more than 20 years are associated with Innovation India. While doing this we realized that India is having large pool of talent. Students all around India every year showcase their innovative ideas and projects in technical fests and events and win awards and the idea does not result in obtaining patents/copyright/commercialized after that. Therefore, to bring these ideas before the general masses and the relevant industry/Venture Capitalist/Investor, it is necessary to create a linkage between the industries and the innovators.

icon Mission:

The Mission of the Innovation India Reality Show is to provide a national level platform to:
1. Ignite creative minds to develop original innovations and generate competition through awards at national level
2. Promote and create through media, a link between industry/investors/venture capitalists and innovators to adopt and commercialize innovations
3. Link prospective entrepreneurs and investors/venture capitalists/funding agencies



To contribute to India’s efforts in becoming Global Innovation Hub by the year 2025
• Create an environment of Creativity and innovations
• Institutional Ranking and Image building
• Patenting of Innovation
• Commercialization of Innovation
• Institutions have increased number of patents and IPRs
• Students and Faculty able to write and publish papers
• Motivation to create, feeling of pride and recognition for students and faculty




1. To provide a National Platform to creative/innovative talent of India to showcase their innovations.
2. To facilitate commercialization of innovations through creating channels of linkages between relevant industry, venture capitalists and investors from India and abroad and innovators/prospective entrepreneurs
3. To create an innovation ecosystem in the country by sensitizing, encouraging the innovators/innovations.
4. To help India gain competitive advantage in the World Market and contribute to country’s effort to promote innovations
5. To increase number of patents as by product of Innovation India Reality Show.