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Innovation India is a concept based Project dedicated to promotion of technology and technological product innovations in the country. Our long association with the Institutions of higher learning has provided the insight into the acute need to promote innovations that our talented students create through their final year projects and sometimes through their own efforts. The institutions and various departments/companies organize tech fests, competitions etc to boost innovative practices at different levels. However, these efforts are limited to few prizes and accolades but do not link implementable innovations with the investors/industries for possible large scale commercialization which is the key. Our attempt through Project Innovation India: National Network (I2N2) is to bring them all together on national forum so that none of the important innovation is missed and all deserving students; faculty and the institutions get due credit and exposure. Our estimate is that by the concerted effort at national level the registration of IPR would increase many fold thereby, increase commercialization of products benefiting large number of students and bringing them on the national media.